Getting our hands dirty for artisan handmade supplies:
t- shirts, sweaters and selected accessories.


Inspiration is a long road. “The Real Intellectuals” was founded in 2012 in Athens, Greece as a creative means of staying creative and expressing our love for vintage motorcycles, design and handcrafts. A team of graphic designers seized their passion for design, exploring new paths of creativity. “The Real Intellectuals” brings street wear a step closer to their own mentality and worldview: style with a sophisticated twist for men and women.
Everything is a hint for brainstorming, anything we experience reflects on our creativity. An adventurous bike road trip with your friends, the wind blowing to your face while riding, the gorgeous landscapes you can come across, an unexpected sleepover in nature, the exceptional designs of vintage and custom made motorcycles, the sound they make. Do you need a ride?
The whole process is an ode to artisan craftsmanship: our atelier is our playground: first we design the illustrations and this is the most exciting part: sketching, drawing, printing, redesigning until we are completely satisfied. Then, using the amazing silk printing technique, we apply the illustration on each item separately. We apply a multi stages artisan task until water based colors form what we have in mind. All t-shirts and sweaters are made of fine cotton. Soft and airy, they are a fine, delicate wrap for the body.
We also create accessories that supplement “TRI” looks: handkerchiefs, stickers for helmets or your bike, shopping bags and patches for a TRI effect on your own clothes: jackets, jeans, hoodies, anywhere you like. Our signature illustrations make these accessories unique. Lately, we get our hands on leather, creating useful accessories: wallet ropes and key holders is our new thing. This is the joy of creation: everything is possible. Getting our hands dirty and see what comes out of it is what we do.
The collections are drawn in a pure style with authentic simplicity. Using the finest materials and trusting greek manufacturers may seem as a sustainable initiative or a corporate responsibility action. To “The Real Intellectuals”, it’s just the way things have to be. We love to get our hands dirty but not pollute environment or discomfort all those who wear “TRI” supplies.
The Real Intellectuals” collections are presented twice a year (fall and summer) even though, due to our passion for design, we add new items frequently. Visit our website and find out everything about the “TRI” universe, the process of creation and the e-store, where you can order our stuff. Hope you enjoy it like we do!

The TRI team.